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Around the World - Magic Kingdom

When you wish upon a star...

Oh yes the Magic Kingdom. What we all tend to think of when it comes to Walt Disney World is that castle that always appeared on every special, every parade, and every picture ever of WDW. There's so much to do in the Magic Kingdom, and it really takes you into several different worlds, all of it's own.

But what in the world is there to eat there??

Well I'm about to take you to some of our favorite places to eat, and favorite foods to munch and snack on... Around the World - Magic Kingdom style.

Let's get started shall we?

Ah, the Dole Whip Float. Is there anything more perfect on a hot summer day? I say no!! This magical concoction is sold at Aloha Isle in Adventureland and is made up of Pineapple Dole Whip and cold Pineapple Juice.

In fact, there are only 4 places in the world that even sell Dole Whip! Here, at the Polynesian on property, at Disneyland Resort and on Hawaii itself.

Can you get this float with other flavors of ice cream such as vanilla or chocolate or even orange?

Sure! But why would you? The Dole Whip Float in Pineapple is perfection in a cup. And only $3.99 at Aloha Isle.

Oh. Oh my yes! This is the ice cream cookie sandwich! Sold many places in the Magic Kingdom such as Sleepy Hollow, but this one in particular is from the Main Street Bakery.

Choose any 2 cookies you want, and have 2 to 3 scoops of Edy's Icecream sandwiched inbetween! And trust me, those cookies are fresh baked too... can hardly keep them for more than an hour or two!

A heck of a sweet treat and only $4.19 at Sleepy Hollow or the Main Street Bakery!

Now these next two pictures are two of a kind, taken from the exact same place. Pecos Bills in Frontierland.

Now, Pecos Bills is well known for their hamburgers, because of the gigantic topping bar they have, and the big burgers as well! But the hubby and I actually prefer going off the beaten path here and getting some different things that are offered.

The top picture here is the Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich so savory and good you will just about lose your mind!

The bottom picture is the Taco Salad. A freshly fried taco bowl with meat inside, and then take your bowl to the topping bar and add whatever you'd like! Hubby's favorite is banana peppers, lettuce, salsa, cheese sauce, and shredded cheese! Of course, sour cream goes on top as well!

You can get both of these beauties for $8.69 or $7.39 respectively at Pecos Bills.

Ah Casey's Corner. Is there any more fun than eating hotdogs and french fries with some Cracker Jacks while listening to old piano music and watching sports clips of old Mickey's Cartoons?

I say no!

This little shop is on a corner down Main Street USA, right in prime parade position! 100% beef hot dogs round out this menu, with a small toppings bar giving you everything from ketchup and mustard to onions and relish... even sauerkraut and hot cheese!

You can even get the little beauties in the bottom, corn dog nuggets! These can be just a great snack as you're sitting down and watching the parade... heck get some Cracker Jack and you might just feel like you're sitting and watching a baseball game!

You can get the Hot Dog Meal (Hot dog and fries) for $6.59 or Corn Dog Nuggets for $4.19 at Casey's Corner!

If you're looking for something that isn't pizza and isn't another hamburger, look no further than Columbia Harbor House, located in Liberty Square.

Fish and chips are the main things here, or you can be a bit of a non-traditionalist and get a fish and chicken combo! This is also the only counter service restaurant in the park that has a warm dessert, the Apple Crisp. Warm and ooey gooey, it's great if you're looking for something without having to make a reservation!

Also not pictured here is some great salads and sandwiches, and even New England Clam Chowder!

The Chicken and Fish combo pictured here however is $8.19 and the Apple Crisp $3.59 at Columbia Harbor House.

Not many people know about the Plaza Restaurant. Located on Main Street USA many people just walk right past on their way to Tomorrowland! Of course, everyone who has ever been probably knows about the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, you can smell it as you walk past. Well this restaurant is a nice sit down directly next to that ice cream parlor, and has many of the same ice creams!

But my favorite here has to be the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger. You can get bacon, onions, even mushrooms on this burger and beautiful french fries to go with it! Follow it up with the following picture, a great banana split!!

It's a traditionalist banana split if ever there was one. With chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with hot fudge, strawberry sauce, crushed pineapple, chopped nuts, whipped cream and a cherry all nestled in between two halves of a banana! Definitely the sweetest ending I can think of!

You can get the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger for $11.99 and the Banana Split for $6.49 at the Plaza Restaurant.

What in the world can I say about our next pictures? Liberty Tree Tavern has always been a very special place for me to eat ever since my first trip to Walt Disney World when I was a little girl.

A lot has changed since then but the food is still spectacular! Right in the heart of Liberty Square this restaurant actually used to be the host to a character meal at dinner. Now the characters have gone elsewhere but the meal is still the same, a great family style dinner Thanksgiving inspired!

But for Lunch, where our pictures begin, it's a much different atmosphere. The meals are ala carte, allowing you to choose whatever you would like! And for us, it's usually the same thing.

We start out with some great Tavern Fried Cheese, beautifully fried pieces of cheese and cheese curds complete with the sauce to dip it in! And for the main course, what else but the famous New England Pot Roast (Our Tavern Keeper's Favorite)? It's beautifully braised beef in a cabernet wine and mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes and garden vegetables.

And trust me when I say that everyone wants some of this! In fact, it's their most popular dish during lunch time and it comes out more often than anything else I ever see!

Now for dinner, you have a great Family Style service, where they bring out large plates of what you're getting to pass around the table. You start out with a great salad, tossed in strawberry vingerette, and then comes the dinner! Roasted turkey breast, carved beef, smoked pork loin with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, herb bread stuffing and Macaroni and Cheese! Round that out with your seasonal fruit dessert and you have a meal Thanksgiving can be jealous of!

You can get the Tavern Fried Cheese for $5.49 and the New England Pot Roast for $17.99 at lunch. Your dinner will be $29.99 per person for your adults, and $14.99 per person for your chillins!

One of our most favorite places to go for a Buffet is nestled right between Main Street USA and Adventureland, called Crystal Palace! This beautiful restaurant is entirely glass walls, and beautiful Victorian style architecture.

And best of all, it's a character buffet! That's right, you'll get to meet your favorite Pooh characters here as Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger walk around table to table and greet their guests.

But since Crystal Palace is open all day long you have both breakfast and dinner meals here. Now we personally prefer the breakfast, which you can see on the top picture. And this is true buffet style, meaning you have everything here from fresh fruit to what hubby claims is the most delicious corn beef hash he's ever had in his life!

Dinner is a horse of an entirely different color, serving more grown up tastes with it's prime rib, fire roasted corn spoon bread and even slow roasted adobo pork! But don't worry, there's a good kids buffet here too with mac and cheese and chicken fingers... even pizza!

If you're a fan of the Winnie the Pooh Characters and like a good buffet, Crystal Palace can't be beat! If you're going to breakfast it's $20.99 for adults, $10.99 for children. Dinner prices do vary by season but start at $28.99 for adults and $13.99 for children.

Right at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom and one of the most fun themed restaurants that I can think of is Tony's Town Square! Based on the movie Lady and the Tramp, this Italian restaurant is both kid and picky eaters friendly while still being good for the adults in the group!

You start out with some of the freshest baked bread you can think of with an awesome olive oil dip! Now there's a lot on the menu, but the hubby and I like to keep things simple. The hubby likes anything with Meatballs, so the Spaghetti is the way to go for him! And score, you can even get this with Italian Sausage!

I personally like things a little more complicated so the Chicken Parmigiana is the way to go for me! And trust me, this dish is awesome! The chicken is just cooked so perfectly!

And the best part of this restaurant is the porch eating. Yes, take a chance and go outside on the porch! And actually if you time it right at night you will have a front row elevated seat to the Magic Kingdom's Nighttime Parade, Spectromagic!

If you'd like the Chicken Parmigiana or the Spaghetti with Meatballs/Italian Sausage both dishes are only $16.99 at dinner.

It would be absolutely horrible of me not to include the icon of the Walt Disney World resort... the Mickey Bar! Now, this picture was taken on of the Disney cruises, but all the Mickey Bars look the same.

In fact, wouldn't it be nice if you were eating one now?

Hey, if you come on down to visit, maybe I'll even treat you to one!

That's all for today, come back on Thursday when we start tackling the most food diverse park... Epcot!

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  1. I really have to stop reading your blogs when I've had very little to eat all day! They make me soooo hungry... especially this last one... :drools: mmmmm.....


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