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Around the World - Epcot World Showcase #1

Ah Epcot World Showcase! There is so much beauty in this part of the park, you can spend all day just wandering around, looking at the shops and conversing with people from the country that you are currently in. Yes, Disney does bring in Cast Members from those countries, just one of those little touches that makes the whole experience special!

The problem with this post however, is that there is a LOT to eat in World Showcase! So much so that I ended up with 50 pictures, and I didn't even have things from every single place there is! So I'm splitting this bad boy into 2. Hold onto your hats my lovelies... as we explore the first half (Alphabetically...) of World Showcase!

Let's get started, shall we?

I bet that first picture looks familiar, doesn't it? Well if not, that just means you haven't been reading my blog for very long!

Yes, that's right we're currently in Canada, home of the Le Cellier steakhouse and that my friends is the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup!

This is seriously one of my favorite restaurants in World Showcase (I have 3 to date...) and is one of the most friendly restaurants period I have ever been in. The top picture here is that Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup, made with Moosehead beer. Yummy! The second picture is a classic New York Strip steak though there are several other steak options including a Coffee Rubbed Kansas City Strip!

The bottom picture... well have you ever seen a more adorably silly dessert in your life? This is their take on Chocolate "Moose"! Get it? Covered in Toasted Chocolate Crumbs with Maple Leaf Antlers I couldn't stop giggling when this masterpiece was brought to the table!

A cup (pictured here) of the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is $5.49, the New York Strip is $34.99 and the Chocolate Moose tops off the meal at $5.99. Reservations are STRONGLY recommended as this restaurant tends to book up 6 months ahead of time!

Now you will start to notice the countries being split... that's because some of them have both a counter service and a table service restaurant. China being the first of these!

This is Nine Dragons. And oh my goodness how delicious it is! They actually just redid the inside of this restaurant a few years ago and it's just gorgeous inside! And the food is beautifully presented and delicious at the same time.

Pictured here are the Honey Sesame Chicken and Pepper Beef. Both delicious dishes... especially that pepper beef! It just makes you feel so warm and good inside!!

The Honey Sesame Chicken is currently $18.98 for dinner and the Pepper Beef is currently $15.98. Actually pretty affordable for dinner at Epcot and oh so delicious too!!

Next we have the Lotus Blossom Cafe, or China's counter service. This is also a delicious meal, especially if you're just wandering around looking for something quick to eat or you forgot to make those reservations!

Pictured here are the Orange Chicken and the Fried Rice with Egg Roll. I don't want to say what kind of fried rice because it does tend to change on the menu.

This orange chicken was one of the most delicious orange chickens... oh my goodness! And considering how much I love Orange Chicken (Panda Express respect) that's saying a lot!

The Orange Chicken is currently $8.49 and the Fried Rice with Egg Roll is currently $8.49 as well!

Ah England. Now this is an excellent place to sit back and watch a cover Beatles Band sing and drink lots of beer while watching Winnie the Pooh hug children in the corner.

Also red telephone booths.

Here we have pictured the traditional Fish and Chips from the Yorkshire County Fish shop. And of course a Pint of Bass Ale Draught.

Um... Mary Poppins!

Anyway, this is some delicious fish and I love that it's pretty much just a grab and go window. You can walk up, get yourself some good food and go listen to the band in the back. Or prank call the red telephone booths that everyone seems to pose in. Not that I have those numbers or anything in my phone...

The Fish and Chips is $7.99 at the shop, and the beer is $7.50.

Also here in England, situated right on the water is a little pub called Rose and Crown. A definite favorite around fireworks time people do pack this restaurant nightly. And there's even a great piano player inside called the hat lady!

Great pub food including what's pictured here, a wonderful Scotch egg, served with mustard sauce. More of those delicious fish and chips (I looked for the shepherd pie as well, but there weren't good pictures of it) and some great dessert... triffle! And not just any triffle, oh no. Bailey's Irish Coffee Triffle. Oh god my mouth just started to water a little bit.

You can get the Scotch Egg (there is more to it, this one was half eaten!) for $8.99, the Fish and Chips platter for $15.99 and the Triffle for $5.99. I actually recommend this one for lunch. A bit less crowded and still yummy food!

Now it's off to France and the Boulangerie Patisserie!

Okay for those of you who don't know what that is... it's a French Bakery. And the hubby and I can't go around the world without stopping here at least once! Some of the most delicious foods are here... creme brulee, quiche, napoleons, even delicious fruit tarts!

Heck there's even some Macaroons! Yummy!

Prices here range from $1.95 to $5.50 a treat and each one of them are so delicious... and heck I can't resist ordering in French!

Now that we've had a treat before dinner, why don't we wash it down with another treat you can only get in France in the World Showcase?

A Grand Marnier Orange Slushie!

That's right, you heard me. They also have Grey Goose Lemonade slushie! And yes folks, you do have to be 21 to purchase. And you can taste every delicious drop of that alcohol! You can get either of these slushes for $8.92 ($9.00 after tax).

I bet you can tell now where my favorite restaurant in the World Showcase is!

Chefs De France is a beautiful restaurant, surrounded by glass walls and filled with some of the most charming waiters I have ever met. They can talk you into anything! (Even dry champaign when you drink sweet...)

Plus the food here is just delicious, thanks in part to the French Chefs in the back. Starting off here we have Soupe L'oignon gratinee... or French Onion Soup. This soup is just to die for, especially topped in the traditional Gruyere cheese.

Next we have both the hubby and my dinner dishes. First we have Filet de boeuf grilled, sauce au poivre noir Gratin Dauphinois et hericot verts... or grilled beef tenderloid with a black pepper sauce, potato gratin of Savoy and green beans. Hubby gobbled this one up! He was so happy by the end I thought he was purring.

Then we have Canard au miel, haricot vert et pommes de terre douce... or roasted duck breast and leg confit, french green beans and sweet potatoes with a spicy honey sauce. I'm not even going to lie, this was the best duck I have ever had. Crispy skin, beautifully cooked and that honey sauce was oh my god good.

Finally we have two beautiful desserts. First is traditional Creme Brulee with a Madeleine and second we have Profiteroles au chocolat... or puff pastry with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

There's no doubt that this is my favorite restaurant! (And I love my 5 years of French don't go to waste here!) You can get the French Onion Soup for $6.50, the Beef Tenderloin for $34.95, the Roasted Duck Confit for $31.95, the Creme Brulee for $7.25 and the Profiteroles for $7.25. Reservations are definitely recommended!

I would be incredibly remiss not to include the next restaurant on the list! Especially considering over 90% of my heritage is German!

Welcome my friends to Biergarten!

This restaurant is unique, that's for sure. You sit at long tables with strangers (who almost always happen to be fun!) eat off a large buffet of sausages and good food. I love the Spaetzel almost more than life itself. You listen to authentic German entertainment and unique instruments before raising your glass in a traditional German beer toast!

And yes, there is a lot of beer here. In fact the first picture here is the Beer Flight available just so you can try all the different types of beer! I do not unfortunately have a price for this but I remember off the top of my head it not being too bad. Especially for 4 full glasses of beer!!

The next two pictures are just some examples of the delicious food that awaits you... including pretzel bread, more sausages and -wurst things you can shake a stick at. It's a year round celebration of Oktoberfest!

For adults it's only $19.99 per person for lunch and $32.99 per person for dinner. The kids are only $10.99 for lunch and $13.99 for dinner and yes non alcoholic beverages are included.

But gosh darn it... it's Oktoberfest! Drink up why don't you?!

Keep an eye out tomorrow as we finish going round the world showcase with Epcot part 2... but really part 3.

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