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Mexican Layer Dip - A Superbowl Special

It's Superbowl Time! Go Colts. And we all know that means that it's time for snacky foods, parties, fun and more snacky foods. Go Colts. Some of my favorite all time snacky foods are dips. Great for munching on the go, and not having to worry about carrying a plate around with you at the party since you can just dip a chip as you walk past... dips to me are the ultimate in party food. Go Colts.

And you know, even if you aren't a football fan, or don't really care that it's the Superbowl this weekend, go ahead and make this dip anyway. Your tastebuds will be glad that you did!

Let's get started shall we?

Ah yes. Mexican Layer dip... all the regular players are here. Refried beans, sour cream, tomatoes, onions, cheese, lettuce, cream cheese...


Okay yeah. I had the same reaction when my mom told me this was a part of the recipe. But it works. And what's even more amazing it works well. In fact, I never even knew this was a part of the recipe until talking to my mom about 2 weeks ago.

You'll just have to go with some blind faith on this one I'm afraid!

Now I use a 12 inch pizza pan, and tend to use a throw away one so that I can just throw it away once the dip is done. But you can really use anything that you'd like. A 9" x 13 " glass, even an 8" x 8" or a bigger pizza pan.

I don't like refried beans. In fact it wasn't until very recently I had ever had my first burrito and actually liked it (thank you sour cream) but it works here. In fact this is the only Mexican layer dip I have ever liked...

Now open up that can of refried beans and plop it on the pan like you mean it!

Spread it nice and all around... almost like you're frosting a cake. Make sure the entire bottom is nice and covered.

That's the stuff!

Now comes the fun part. The seasoned layer.

In a mixing bowl place your block of softened cream cheese...

And about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sour cream, or as my mom likes to say...

"Give it 3 good plops".

Turn your mixer on medium and really mix away until it's nice and combined.

Now throw in your packet of Taco Seasoning. This is Taco Bell Chipotle seasoning since the husband likes it a little more kicky, but you can use any packet you would like. A 1.25 ounce packet will do you.

Now turn that mixer back on medium and really give it a mix! Make sure it's all combined... and taste it once it is. If it's a bit too spicy for you, feel free to give it another plop or two of sour cream.

Now get that on the layer of refried beans...

And frost your beans!

You think I'm kidding, but you are going to feel like you are frosting your refried beans. And don't feel like you have to use all of it... because you really don't.

You'll know about how thick of a layer you'd like.

Now throw on your lettuce. I use prebagged shredded for 2 reasons.
  1. I think we've already come to the conclusion that I am lazy.
  2. It is a million times easier than trying to get a head of lettuce down to the right size of the shreds to work well on this dip.
Hey I may be lazy but at least I'm honest.

You don't have to do this next part. You can buy shredded cheese in a bag...

But freshly shredded cheese tastes so good, why would you want to?

Just don't make snide comments about buying shredded bag lettuce but fresh grating cheese like my husband, or you won't get any dip.

You only really need to shred about half of a 8 ounce block of co-jack cheese.

It'll give you about a cup... get that cheese on there liberally!

Oh yeah that looks good!

Don't be afraid to press the lettuce and cheese a bit into the previous layer.

That will keep it from going everywhere and falling off when you move it!

Now go ahead and chop your tomato...

I like an Ugly Ripe Heirloom because I really only ever use about half of a tomato. We're not the biggest fresh tomato fans in this house.

Chop the tomato up into smaller pieces...

Scoop them up with your knife...

And sprinkle them over your cheese layer.

It's really starting to look delicious!

Now I really am a big green onion fan, so I go ahead and chop up quite a bit of them...

And throw them over the tomato layer.

Oh yeah that looks good!!

Now this is where I stop, but you can keep going. Really after that second layer the rest is a blank canvas. You can put black olives like my mom always used to, or peppers, or avocado, or anything else you can think of!

Here comes the hard part though. Take it and put it in the fridge for at least 1 hour, if not longer. You want those first too layers to really firm up in the fridge, making it much easier to get on the chip.

Pull it out of the fridge to... ARUGH.

Nothing is sacred in this house!!

At least I caught my dip thief before he could get too far...

He says in his defense it was really really delicious.

Mexican Layer Dip

1 16 oz can Refried Beans
1 8 oz package Cream Cheese
1/2 - 1 Cup Sour Cream (3 Good Plops!)
1.25 Packet Taco Seasoning

Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Cheese
Green Onions
Anything else you can think of!

Spread the can of refried beans on the bottom of a 12 inch pizza pan or serving dish. Make sure the layer is even. In a large mixing bowl combine cream cheese and sour cream with a hand mixer on medium, add packet of sour cream and mix again with hand mixer until thoroughly mixed. Spread mixture on top of refried beans.

Top with layers of shredded lettuce, cheese, green onions, tomatoes, black olives or anything else you can think of.

Chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 to 2 hours. Serve with tortilla chips.

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